06 October 2016


There are lots of ways you can save energy at home: switching off lights when you’re not using them, reducing your thermostat setting by 1ºC, and only washing full loads of clothing in the machine, to name just a few. The downside is that the whole family has to do their bit but Thomas Sanderson has come up with an even easier way for you to save energy. Simply invest in our Duette® EnergySmart pleated blinds for your windows.

Save energy with Duette® EnergySmart blinds

It’s a fact that everyone loses heat through their windows and it’s most keenly felt during colder weather. With Thomas Sanderson’s Duette® EnergySmart blinds, this problem is a thing of the past. These beautiful pleated blinds have special energy-saving properties which help to retain heat wherever it’s needed

Made up of a double layer of honeycomb fabric, the hexagonal structure of the blinds means they can trap air passing through. This helps to maintain a comfortable temperature and keeps the heat in.

These energy-saving blinds are so effective, you can use them in every room of your home – even in the conservatory! In cold weather, the blinds will make your conservatory more comfortable and cosy and in the summer, they provide welcome shade and help to protect fabrics from fading in the sun.

The easy way to cut your heating bills

Thomas Sanderson’s Duette® EnergySmart blinds really are the best way to insulate your windows. Not only will you do your bit for the planet, but you’ll also significantly reduce your heating bills. What’s more, all our blinds are professionally fitted and made-to-measure from the finest quality materials, so you’re guaranteed a product that’s crafted to last.

With our Duette® EnergySmart blinds, you can save energy all year round - without lifting a finger. Call today to book a free, no obligation consultation with a Thomas Sanderson designer near you. 

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