27 March 2013


Today, homeowners everywhere can consider blinds to be an investment in the value of their home. The blinds you choose can even stay with the home for the new buyer to enjoy and in a tough real estate market, everything that makes your interior stand out from the crowd can boost your home’s saleability.

Window blinds can also be installed to help reduce any heat loss during colder months. Blinds that block rays from the sun can protect furniture and flooring from sun damage - keeping everything in the room looking fresh for a longer time.

Today, manufacturers recognise that window treatments can be beautiful and stylish - while still adding functionality:

Blackout blinds can complement rooms where sunlight is not wanted and are often used in bedrooms, TV rooms and offices. They also give you the added benefit of blocking harmful UV rays from the sun. Styles can range from elegant to functional, you can even choose blinds that are remote controlled.

Wooden blinds made from dark coloured woods are often found in home offices as they add a touch of luxury and elegance to the room, while providing the option to prevent glare on the computer screen.

Alternatively, bathroom blinds can allow the room to breathe, while still giving you the privacy you desire. Today, bathrooms are becoming more lavish and manufactures have responded by developing blinds that can keep with any luxurious theme.

No matter what style you are looking for, just one free design consultation from an expert designer in the UK (always good to deal with home-grown manufacturers) is all it takes for you to get the perfect window blinds for your home – their experience and knowledge can help you decide on the most suitable blinds for each individual room, both from a style and practicality perspective.

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