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27 July 2017


Bi-fold doors provide a beautiful transition from interiors to exteriors with a smooth accordion-like movement. A bi-fold door welcomes light in the home, and gives you a lovely view of your garden or outdoor area. A valuable addition to any home, bi-fold doors are stylish, practical and space-saving – however, they aren’t the easiest to shop for.

The unique measurements, combined with the hinge features, mean you need a blind that’s not only effective but fits incredibly close to the glass, as you won’t want to open-close motion to disturb the blinds or the breeze to create pesky clanging. While vertical blinds are probably not the best option, as the rotating slats could create a problem when trying to open or close the door, here are three other options that are perfectly suited.


Hard-wearing Venetians


Hard Wearing Venetians


Your bi-fold door blinds are inevitably going to be exposed to the elements as you open and close them. If your bi-fold door blinds see a lot of use, opt for a sturdy Venetian, like our aluminium Venetian blind. This type of blind is incredibly long-lasting, easy to wipe clean and UV resistant, which is especially useful if your garden gets a lot of direct sunlight. Venetians give very precise light control – perfect for glare reduction – and come in a wide variety of colours – perfect for making a style statement. 


Classic & stylish Pleated blinds


Classic & Stylish Pleated Blinds


If you’re after a cosier look with your blinds, go for fabric pleats: this softens and disperses incoming light more evenly but still provides good coverage and privacy. For example, our Pleated blinds range in thickness from semi-transparent to opaque, and are thermostatically coated so they aren’t as delicate as they look. While you have less precise control of light and shade compared to a Venetian, you can vary the effects between each door panel, depending on how the light strikes your home.


Energy-saving Duette® blinds


Energy Saving Duette Blinds


If you’re looking to reduce your energy bills (or improve the energy efficiency of your home in general), look for a blind with a specially-structured pleat. Rather than the zig-zag layering of a traditional pleat. Our Duette® blinds feature a unique hexagonal shape that helps trap air to keep interior temperatures comfortable. As bi-fold doors are often larger than most windows, this is an especially smart investment to capitalise on the natural heat of the sun. If you’re worried that the honeycomb outline will be crushed, we fit each of our blinds individually – even for doors – so the open-close mechanism won’t be affected.  

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