24 October 2016


1. Global

This autumn, there are lots of exotic patterns around which are inspired by Indian, African and Chinese decoration. These eye-catching designs are perfect for creating a centrepiece in a room. Look for unusual rugs, wall hangings, throws and cushions.

2. Woodland

In this trend, there’s a real desire to get back to nature. The colour palette includes mustards, greys and soft winter colours. You’ll find the motifs of trees, leaves, birds, and animals printed on a variety of home furnishings including fabrics, china and tiles.

3. Scandi

This trend has been around for a few years now and we haven’t got bored of it yet! That’s because it’s so easy to fit in with both traditional and contemporary homes. This look is all about clean lines, neutral colour schemes and natural materials.

4. Copper

Metallics have always been popular but this year, copper is king. It’s a wonderful material to use in your home, especially in the kitchen. Look for copper pans and kitchen implements. Copper also makes a stunning light fitting because it reflects the light so well. 

5. Hand-made

The hand-made artisan look is still hugely popular and it’s great for accessorising your home with one-off designs. Unique holiday souvenirs, original vintage finds and hand-crafted china, glass, throws and cushions are all perfect for this trend. For the ultimate hand-made window dressing for your home and conservatory, choose Thomas Sanderson’s made-to-measure blinds or shutters.

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