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Smart and Simple Control

Introducing the PowerView® Pebble® Remote to control your blinds from the palm of your hand

Ergonomically designed and beautiful to look at, this convenient device allows you to adjust your blinds to any position at the touch of a button, without the need for a mobile device.

Easy to use, with cordless operation, you can seamlessly coordinate the position of your window blinds to suit your lifestyle.

Available in 7 stylish colours to suit any décor, the PowerView® Pebble® Remote is the perfect fusion of form and function.

With cordless operation and ease of use, you can pre-set up to six different groupings of blinds, either individually or together, right from the palm of your hand.

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PowerView® - the smart way to control your window blinds
  • Easily adjust the light, shade and temperature of your rooms
  • Complete control from the palm of your hand with the stylish Pebble® Remote
  • Set your blinds to operate according to the time of day, to suit any mood or occasion
  • Schedule your blinds to raise and lower based on the local sunrise and sunset times
  • Adjust your blinds from anywhere in the world for added home security when you’re away
  • Get 3 for 2 on powered window blinds + a free PowerView hub kit*
*The PowerView® Hub connects to a Wi-Fi router, and communicates with your PowerView® blinds from Thomas Sanderson.

PowerView® - the ultimate control for your powered blinds

Control your blinds away from home

Using the RemoteConnect® feature on the PowerView® App you can adjust your blinds from anywhere around the world, for additional convenience and home security when you are away.

Using an internet connection via your mobile device, you are able to activate scenes on the move, so you can synch your home to fit your ever-changing schedule.


Intuitive technology day and night

PowerView® is so intuitive you can even link your blinds to operate based on the local sunrise and sunset times for optimum light control.

PowerView® has GPS technology to precisely calculate the ever-changing local sunrise and sunset times based on its knowledge of your specific location.


Designed with safety in mind

With 25 years’ experience in shading homes, we pride ourselves on creating blinds which are child safe by design.

The cordless operation of our motorised blinds creates a safer environment for children and pets, meaning you can enjoy intuitive technology with complete peace of mind around your home.

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