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LiteRise® Cordless Blinds

The Thomas Sanderson LiteRise makes the raising and lowering of cordless blinds easier than ever.

You simply push up to rise and pull down to lower, and your blinds stay right where you put them. With no cords or chains, LiteRise is perfect for homes with children and pets, creating a beautifully clean and streamlined look.

The LiteRise design is brilliant at minimising drafts by creating an insulating barrier by sealing the gap between the blind and the window frame.

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  • Manufacturing in the UK with factories in Hampshire and Coventry provide a quick turnaround
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The LiteRise® cordless operating system makes raising and lowering blinds and shades easy. 


Simply push them up or pull them down. With no cords or chains, LiteRise® is safe for homes with children and pets. The LiteRise® design is brilliant at minimising draughts too.



SmartCord® is a revolutionary operating system for our energy efficiency Duette® blinds.


A retractable non loop cord maintains a constant length for child friendly operation. The cord is always accessible, ideal for windows that are otherwise out of reach.



Radio controlled PowerRise® blinds allow you to operate your blinds at a touch of a button. 


PowerRise® cordless blinds are the ultimate in child safety. Just one touch of the remote allows you to adjust your blinds from anywhere in your home.

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