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Conservatory Blinds

Child Safe by design – what does this mean to you?

Thomas Sanderson doesn’t believe in curbing children’s playfulness and natural curiosity – that’s why we manufacture window coverings that are safe by design.

See pictures of Child Safe by design – what does this mean to you?

Child Safe by design – what does this mean to you?

Children are sensory explorers, and – as many parents know – they are especially keen to discover their immediate environment by grabbing.

A dangling cord or pulley from your conservatory blinds may seem fascinating to a curious toddler, but handling it incorrectly could lead to harm. That’s why at Thomas Sanderson, we are committed to manufacturing child-friendly products to ensure a safe home environment.

For over 20 years, we have worked to eliminate actual – as well as potential – risks in all our window offerings. European standards legislation states that all blinds must be ‘safe by design’, meaning they must be crafted without cords, pulleys or chains that could form a loop. In compliance with these necessary regulations, we’ve come up with a number of innovative solutions for your conservatory. We have incorporated retracting cords, which neatly return to their original length after use for safe keeping, into our UltraGlide® and SmartCord® systems, the latter specially designed to complement our popular Duette®  conservatory blind range.

We also have our LiteRise® system that doesn’t include cords or pulleys at all: simply push up to raise and pull down to lower for smooth and effortless operation. The PowerRise® – our most advanced child-safe offering – allows you to adjust your conservatory blinds from anywhere in the home with the touch of a button. As this automated system is conveniently remote controlled, there’s no need to worry about stray cords or wires.

The PowerView® system is our most convenient child-safe solution, offering complete blind control from your smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re inside, down the road or halfway around the world, you can adjust, control, even schedule your blinds with a few quick taps. Not only does this provide more specific control over interior light, shade and temperature, you can rest assured your little ones won’t be put in harm’s way.

To learn more about our child-safe products, get in touch with one of our expert staff today.

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Learn more about our child safe by design products


The LiteRise® cordless operating system makes raising and lowering blinds and shades easy. 


Simply push them up or pull them down. With no cords or chains, LiteRise® is safe for homes with children and pets. The LiteRise® design is brilliant at minimising draughts too.



SmartCord® is a revolutionary operating system for our energy efficiency Duette® blinds.


A retractable non loop cord maintains a constant length for child friendly operation. The cord is always accessible, ideal for windows that are otherwise out of reach.



Radio controlled PowerRise® blinds allow you to operate your blinds at a touch of a button. 


With no cords or wires, PowerRise® blinds are the ultimate in child safety. Just one touch of the remote allows you to adjust your blinds from anywhere in your home.

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