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Premier Plus Conservatory Clean & Care is more than just a basic cleaning service. Designed to protect your conservatory for the following year, it is specially formulated to give your conservatory the ultimate valet service.
Our two person technician team will amaze you with the most meticulous clean, paying close attention to all the finite details, to ensure your conservatory is restored to its former beauty.

Why clean your conservatory?
As well as aesthetic reasons it really is important to clean and care for your conservatory to avoid any unsightly maintenance repairs in the future.

Over time the accumulation of dirt, algae and pollutants can cause unnecessary damage such as discolouration to upvc, corrosion to metal work and leaking seals. You may have invested a lot of money in your conservatory or inherited it as part of a house purchase, but whatever your outlay it is important to protect your investment for the future and really maximise the enjoyment of this extension to your home.

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