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Here at Thomas Sanderson, we believe in offering you as many choices as possible when it comes to decorating and design (it’s one of the reasons we have thousands of colours and styles for you to choose from).

That’s why we design, manufacture and sell both window shutters and window blinds – so you can pick whichever one is right for you and your home. This blog analyses the differences between the two, and takes a look at the benefits of both to help you make an informed decision.

Window Shutters

Window shutters offer a more ‘classy’ look, suitable if the rest of the room is designed in a similar way. They’ll never become dated, look fantastic and are available in many different styles. Other benefits include:

  • There are no cords or chains, which means they’re a safe option for smaller children.
  • They’re easy to clean and maintain.
  • Less likely to break or function incorrectly.
  • The mechanisms are smooth, making the shutters easy to use.
  • Shutters can keep heat in the home, and allow air and light to filter in.
  • Available in several different designs – including bay window, shaped and tier-on-tier.
  • Made specifically for your requirements – just tell us exactly what you want, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Window Blinds

While shutters are a great choice, however there are also many reasons to go with window blinds. Perfect for either rooms in the main area of the home or a conservatory, blinds offer a lot of versatility. Other advantages include:

  • Blinds take up less space than shutters, which are fitted to the window frame.
  • Designed to fit any specific window perfectly.
  • They’re softer – great for creating a more ‘relaxed’ environment.
  • Even more style choices – blinds can even have patterns on them.
  • Suitable for classic or modern-styled rooms/conservatories.

Of course, the main factor to consider is personal preference. Think about the room and the window area you’re planning to change, then try to imagine the impact blinds and shutters will have.

If you’re struggling – then Thomas Sanderson can offer you a FREE design consultation, where we’ll discuss your options and offer our best recommendation.

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