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Interior window shutters have long been the hallmark of class and style

Thomas Sanderson originates from a family operated British company which, after 20 years in the industry has become Europe’s numbers one designer, manufacturer and installer of window stylings. In the last few years, they have noticed an increased demand for window shutters and it’s easy to see why. In times of austerity, what consumers want is the guarantee of craftsmanship and high quality products that will last them a lifetime, and bespoke window shutters offer them just that.

For centuries, interior window shutters have been the hallmark of class and sophistication in homes. From plantations to country mansions, to Georgian terraces, they have helped cement the status of a house as being that of distinct quality. The bespoke design and fitting service offered by Thomas Sanderson ensures that window shutters are installed with a seamless fit, giving them the appearance that they belong to the architecture of a house and offering homeowners the opportunity to elevate the status of a property regardless of its heritage.

Like curtains, interior window shutters provide an additional layer of insulation to a room by cutting out drafts, but they are even more effective because their design means they fit window frames precisely. More than that, shutters allow homeowners to control the amount of light that enters a room window by window; it can be shut out completely, or the strength of it can be diffused. This means that direct sunlight can be controlled to protect other soft furnishings such as carpets and suites from fading, and angled to prevent daylight interference with TV and PC monitors without cutting out daylight altogether. They are also particularly suited to homes where occupants have allergies and can be cleaned easily.

In keeping with their commitment to being not only craftsman, but innovators of design, Thomas Sanderson has pioneered a new system of shutter fabrication which offers all of these benefits to customers in any part of the house. The ‘Life Time’ vinyl shutter system has been specifically developed to be durable enough to withstand the heat and moisture of bathrooms and kitchens. They are easy to clean, won’t fade, warp or stain and are available exclusively to Thomas Sanderson customers.

In addition to the quality bespoke design and fitting service they offer as standard, buyers are also being offered a 25 Year Guarantee as standard, and can currently benefit from up to 50%* discount on the range which, with more than sixty different paint and stain finishes, promises to complement the décor of any room.

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