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Pumpkin lanterns are everywhere, people are dressing up in ghoulish outfits and children are out trick or treating. Yes, it’s Halloween but this year, you don’t have to decide between trick or treat. Choose Thomas Sanderson window blinds and you can have the luxury of both.

The ‘trick’ behind the Duette® EnergySmart collection is the fact they incorporate unique technology which makes them extremely energy-efficient. Each blind is made up of a double layer of honeycomb fabric. Its hexagonal structure traps air passing through it, helping to retain heat wherever it’s needed.

With their classic pleated design, these clever blinds will insulate your windows effectively and create a stylish look at the same time. They are suitable for all rooms in your home, including conservatories which tend to lose lots of heat through their glazing. Wherever you choose to put your Duette® EnergySmart blinds, you’ll notice the difference straight away because you’ll have a comfortable temperature all year round. Best of all, you’ll reduce your heating bills too.

This Halloween, treat yourself to Thomas Sanderson energy-saving blinds. Proudly made in Britain, there’s a wide range of colours to suit the décor of your home. As they are always made-to-measure and professionally fitted, you can be sure you’re getting a quality product every time.

If you’d like all the benefits of energy-saving blinds but don’t want to compromise on the fabric, consider Duette® Silk. It has the same outstanding properties of Duette® EnergySmart blinds with a more luxurious feel – they look just like ordinary pleated blinds, so no-one will even know they’re energy-saving by the look of them!

With Thomas Sanderson window blinds, you’re getting tricks and treats in one winning combination – what could be better?

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