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A conservatory can look absolutely stunning when at its best – but unfortunately they do tend to take the brunt of the weather, especially over the wintertime.

This can lead to wear and tear if left untreated for years, and if you don’t keep an eye on it then the weather can do irreparable damage to your conservatory.

If you ignore issues like damp, mould and mildew, it can all lead to problems with the structure and is generally unhealthy to have indoors.

That’s why a conservatory valet from our Premier Plus Service can be a great choice to make.

Here’s our top 5 favourite benefits:

1) They use exclusive cleaning products

The cleaning solutions that Premier Plus use cannot be bought in the shops. Each one is bespoke so it is perfect at its job, making sure that you get a deep clean, every time.

Our exclusive products are the latest in specialist cleaning materials, ensuring that you get a professional clean that will make your conservatory shine.

Your only chance at having access to the immense cleaning power of Premier Plus is to hire one of our valeters.

2) Cleaning a conservatory is hard work

Our valeters work really hard to make sure that your conservatory is pristine with a limited number of disruptions to your life.

The Premier Plus Service will fully clean all of your interior and exterior – a full list of what they will do can be found here.

So if you want your conservatory to look great, but don’t want to spend your free time elbow deep in dead leaves or crawling along your roof, then why not let us help out?

3) Smaller conservatories are cheaper

If you own a small conservatory then you’ll be pleased to hear that the price is dependent on size. The cheapest prices go to conservatories that are a standard Victorian conservatory size or smaller.

That’s about 8 glass panels that we’ll clean on our Tier One pricing system.

And after the size of your conservatory has been assessed, there is the possibility to choose between an inside or outside clean – you can choose one or both.

4) A well looked after conservatory adds value onto your home

A conservatory can raise the value of your property, and houses that have them are often a popular choice with estate agents.

Modern conservatories can be beautiful when looked after well, but as mentioned above they are more prone to problems due to damp, discolouration and erosion.

If you are lucky enough to own one, looking after it is one of the key things to make sure that it stays a value asset and doesn’t become a burden.

No one wants to buy a house with a mouldy conservatory attached!

5) The conservatory will become your favourite room

We recommend fully cleaning them at least twice a year, or you can open up a whole host of problems with your conservatory.

The Premier Plus Service from Thomas Sanderson tackles these issues at the root – by removing all mouldy leaves, re-sealing and repainting to prevent damp and even hand polishing the glass.

After we are done you’ll be over joyed with your new sparkling room. So why not contact us and book a conservatory valet today? Just in time for spring!

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