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Conservatory designs offer homeowners a wide variety of styles; Victorian, Edwardian, lean-to, and gable fronted. The style of the conservatory will be based on the type of home you have but people often choose to go with something more modern and desirable to add value to their home.

Conservatories are designed to bring the outside indoors and windows play a large part in giving you that alfresco feel. Colour schemes are often planned around what is on the outside and could reflect the feeling of wood or trees. Also, if you have an English style garden with lots of bright flowers, then your colour options increase but always stick to a neutral scheme - the focus is the outside and the inside of the conservatory should not detract from that feeling.

Once you've made the decision on the theme of your conservatory, flooring should be chosen that complements it; again, without detracting from the natural environment. Popular options may include wood, natural stone, bamboo and ceramic tiles.

Once completed, it’s time to choose your window blinds. Conservatory blinds provide privacy when needed and help to repel glare from the sun. During winter, you can keep conservatory blinds open in order to take advantage of the sun and to help heat the room during the day, then close them at night to aid insulation.

With this in mind, you'll need to choose conservatory blinds that fit your style and complement the room itself. Pleated conservatory blinds are easily installed and can reflect over 80% of heat from the sun. French pinoleum blinds help filter sun and block glare.

If insulation during wintertime is the primary concern for you, then solar blinds offer a perfect solution. They are designed to absorb the sun's rays and give the conservatory a more pleasant atmosphere; being easy to install and lightweight, makes them a perfect choice if you’re fitting them yourself.

Once your conservatory blinds are chosen and installed, the only thing left is to choose furniture that adds the right ambience and style you've been trying to achieve. Once everything is in place, you can still change up the appearance of the room simply by installing fresh window blinds further down the line – just keep the colours neutral and your conservatory will always look stylish…no matter what the weather is like on the outside.

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