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In the 21st century, we have driverless cars and super computers - everything is created to make life easier and quicker for us. And it’s the same with remote control blinds.

Imagine a world where you can control the natural light in your house by the touch of a single button. No faffing about with cords or pulleys, no tangling and, perhaps most importantly, no risk to pets or children.

Remote control blinds can make your life a lot easier. There are lots of benefits to having them installed, such as:

  • Child and pet friendly
  • Easy to operate
  • Anti-noise
  • Multiple blinds controlled on one remote
  • Convenient

They allow the user effortless control, and increased handiness.

Perfect for those who have mobility issues, these remote control blinds will allow you to change the sunlight in a room, by simply moving up and down at little more than the push of a button.

Or if you have some hard to reach windows, remote control blinds can be the perfect solution. No longer will you have to attempt to open your blinds with a ladder or long pole, or keep them open permanently – these remote control blinds will be the answer to all of your problems!

Experts in remote control blinds

Thomas Sanderson are the market leaders in conservatory blinds and shutters, and they were the first company to fully automate blinds for the conservatory, nearly 20 years ago in 1998.

Since then they have steadily been developing their blinds so that you are getting the most up to date and stylish option that there is on the market.

And if you have multiple sets of remote control blinds, they can all be controlled by one handset – you won’t end up with multiple remotes cluttering up your house!

Why choose anyone else when you can go with the industry leaders, and the UK’s largest supplier of blinds and shutters?

If that wasn’t enough, all of our blinds are completely silent, so they can be installed in a child’s bedroom without disturbing them late at night. And you can rest easy knowing that your infant is asleep and completely safe, without the worry of cords being a potential safety hazard.

Creating ‘zones’ within your home

Our Thomas Sanderson installation technicians will aim to create zones within your home to help you close these blinds with one remote. If you have multiple sets or remote control blinds, this will allow you to close all, or just some of your blinds, simply by pressing a button on your remote control.

Motion technology for all, tailored completely to help make your life a little easier. Whether you want blinds for your kitchen, bathroom (and ours are fine in humidity), living room or even the garage, these blinds are guaranteed to suit your lifestyle – or your money back!

The Thomas Sanderson remote control blinds are your one-way ticket to effortless ease and elegant interior. You really can have it all! 

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