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There are more hours of daylight, the shops are full of sun cream and everyone’s booking their holidays. Yes, summer’s well and truly on the way!

Most of us look forward to long, lazy days of sunshine. But when it comes to our homes, we don’t like unbearably hot rooms, harsh glare from the windows or faded fabrics and carpets. All these problems caused by the sun are magnified in conservatories with their large areas of glass, especially if they are south-facing.

However, there’s an easy solution: simply invest in Thomas Sanderson’s pleated conservatory and roof blinds. Professionally fitted, made-to-measure blinds put you in control of the light, shade and temperature in your conservatory so you can use it all year round.

Most of the heat builds up on the conservatory roof, so roof blinds are essential to maintain a comfortable temperature. Thomas Sanderson’s pleated roof blinds can be fitted to any shape or size of roof and have been specifically designed to prevent the fabric from sagging, dropping or twisting, so the pleats will always remain crisp and even.

Thomas Sanderson’s pleated blinds are the perfect choice for the windows and doors of your conservatory. Their concertina design means they are slim and discreet, creating a sleek and stylish look. They provide welcome shade from the sun and help to protect fabrics and upholstery from fading.

With pleated blinds for the windows, doors and roof, your conservatory becomes the ultimate cool haven from the heat. They also retain heat during the winter so you will always be one step ahead of the weather.

Better still, for every two conservatory blinds you choose, we’ll give you another absolutely free, plus up to 10% off. Our amazing 3 for 2 offer can’t last forever, so grab yourself a bargain and look forward to the summer!

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