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It’s a new year, and a fresh start for all the interior design dreams for your home in 2015.

Maybe it’s not time to start the spring cleaning quite yet, but there’s no reason why you can’t take advantage of the Thomas Sanderson sale! And with the flexible payment offers that we have for our customers, there’s never been a better time to get the blinds of your dreams.

Adding a set of top quality blinds will make the room of your choice so much cosier, and not just in the temperature sense! With a wide range of colours and fabrics for our blinds, there is something to suit each room and everyone’s tastes.

Whether you are thinking about some renovations, decorating, or you just want to make your home a little more energy efficient, have a look at our January sale and see whether we can help create a little magic in your home.

A new years’ resolution you can keep

After all the excitement of Christmas, what better time to treat yourself to a really good deal? One that will last for a least ten years, or your money back.

And there’s never been a better time, with 50% off all conservatory blinds including electric blinds.

With an offer like this, the energy you save will mean that after a while the blinds pay for themselves!

So don’t waste your time trying to keep a tough new years’ resolution, invite Thomas Sanderson over for a consultation and breathe new life into your home.  

Good for hard to reach areas

Most people have that one awkwardly placed window, or skylight in your house that you find difficult to reach – and that’s where the electric blinds come in. Never struggle again!

They are also a really good option for disabled people or those that have issues with mobility, because remote controlled blinds allow you to close your window at the touch of a button.  

This can make closing your windows, letting the light out and keeping the heat in a doddle. Perfect.

With blinds available in every colour and material, there is something to suit everyone in the Thomas Sanderson sale.

Perfect for the conservatory

A conservatory roof is notorious for being difficult to find blinds that fit. The perfect answer to solve this problem is electric blinds. They can be installed, and moved, simply and easily at the touch of a button.

And when the sun comes out or you want a little more light, they can be opened in seconds.

If you want to get a fantastic deal on some of the best conservatory blinds on the market, this blinds sale is not to be missed!

Thomas Sanderson are an award winning company that have been in business for twenty years. So don’t trust your electric blinds with just anyone, always make sure that you get the best choice.

Invest in our electric blinds and they will serve you well for many years to come. Our guarantee says so, or your money back. 

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