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Window shutters add a touch of elegance to your home's appearance and are an excellent alternative to window blinds or draperies.

This may be why many homeowners choose to install window shutters in every room in their home, but shutters offer more than just good looks –they’re also easily adjustable to let some light in or keep it out, provide privacy and are low maintenance.

There are many different styles of shutters to handle any decorating scenario. Shutters can be in the tier-on-tier style, meaning that the top and bottom set of shutters are independent of each other. That means you can open just the top to let in the light, but keep the bottom closed for privacy.

Another shutter option is the classic style that covers the entire window and the café style, which features bottom shutters only, with the top of the window left uncovered.

In locations that experience a wide range of temperature fluctuations, window shutters provide excellent room ventilation when needed or extra insulation against the cold temperatures when necessary. This will help your home to stay cooler or warmer depending on the season.

You have many decorating options with shutters and Thomas Sanderson customers are now able to choose from the new Fired Earth collection. These high quality shutters are available in 10 of Fired Earth's most popular paint colours and will bring an unparalleled level of distinction to your home.

If your decorating taste runs more towards a classic style, the Laura Ashley shutter collection may be the perfect choice. The custom paint finishes on this line of window blinds provide the rich pigments and timeless colours that Laura Ashley is famous for.

Conservatories are also perfect for window shutters, since they are easily adjustable and provide a crisp, classic appearance. Vinyl shutters are perfect for a working conservatory environment and provide the understated office look you desire with easy care and maintenance.

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