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Technology is one of the wonders of the modern age, especially when it makes life better. That’s why we developed brand new PowerView™ to make it even easier to create the perfect atmosphere in your home. PowerView™ from Thomas Sanderson is the smart way to control the light, shade and temperature of your rooms from across the room or even across the other side of the world.

Its sophisticated technology means that you can have complete control of your new Thomas Sanderson powered blinds from the palm of your hand, either at home through the PowerView™ Pebble™ Remote or by using the PowerView™ App on your smart phone or tablet. Even if you’re not tech savvy, using PowerView™ is simplicity itself.

One of the great things about PowerView™ is that you can quickly change the ambience of your home by creating different combinations of blind positions, called  ‘scenes’, to suit your mood, time of day or occasion. For example, you could create a ‘wake-up call’ scene to open the blinds in your bedroom, letting in enough light to wake you up gradually. Then you could create a ‘night time’ scene for the evening to close your blinds, one by one or all at once. So whether it’s your ‘film night’ or ‘spring cleaning afternoon’, you’ll know there’s a combination to work in harmony with your lifestyle.

The beauty of PowerView™ is that you can personalise your settings using the App to suit your own individual needs and you can always open, close or adjust the blinds with one simple touch. The intuitive technology of PowerView™ means you can even link your blinds to operate based on your local sunrise and sunset times! The system uses GPS technology to calculate these times based on your home’s location and the date of the year.

Set the perfect scene this spring with PowerView™. Call today to book your free, no obligation consultation with a Thomas Sanderson designer and see how PowerView™ could make your life easier. We’re sure you’ll be impressed!

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