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There’s no getting away from it: condensation on windows can cause mould to grow on blinds, especially at this time of year when rooms are not ventilated very often. This is particularly the case in conservatories where there is such a large expanse of glass.

If this sounds familiar, don’t despair! At Thomas Sanderson, we’ve been making and fitting quality blinds for over 20 years so we know a thing or two about the problems which can occur in conservatories. That’s why the blinds in our luxury Signature and Laura Ashley collections are handcrafted from 100% mould-resistant fabrics.

Here’s the science part: the blinds are made from an innovative fabric coated with an acticide® which inhibits the growth of mould. What’s more, our conservatory and window blinds are made to measure so you can always be sure of a perfect fit. Professionally fitted by our expert installers, they provide welcome shade during the summer and help to protect fabrics from fading in the sun. Thanks to their advanced fabric technology, they also retain heat during winter so the room always remains at a comfortable temperature.

Best of all, in choosing such a hard-wearing, practical solution, you don’t have to compromise on style or quality. The blinds in the Signature and Laura Ashley collections are the most luxurious in the UK. They feature sumptuous fabrics with a wide range of subtle patterns and motifs, together with a rich palette of colours to choose from.

These very special blinds will help make your conservatory a truly stylish room for all seasons – with no mould in sight! Why wait?

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