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At this time of year, strong sunlight can cause havoc in your home, particularly in south-facing rooms and conservatories. Carpets, upholstery, paintings and photographs can all become faded by the sun’s UV rays.

The ultimate sun UV protection for your furnishings

There is an easy way to solve this age-old problem: Thomas Sanderson’s made to measure window blinds and conservatory blinds. Each blind is designed to be both practical and beautiful; they are made from the highest quality materials and when closed, they provide outstanding protection from the sun for your furnishings.  

What’s more, they fit precisely because our blinds are tailor-made to the exact dimensions of your windows and we professionally install them for you. The quality of the blinds and the finish is always second to none. That’s because we have over 25 years’ experience in designing, shading and changing homes with thousands of colours and styles to choose from.

The finest quality blinds for your home

We also have an innovative range of powered blinds which makes it even easier to protect your furnishings in an instant. With Thomas Sanderson’s PowerView™, you’ll be in complete control of your powered blinds from across the room or even across the world! You can open or close your powered blinds from the palm of your hand, either at home through the PowerView™ Pebble™ Remote or by using the PowerView™ App on your smart phone or tablet.

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