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Summer is one of our favourite seasons, but there’s one thing that’s a nuisance – insects! They are unhygienic and annoying, especially because they always end up buzzing around food.

Using a fly screen allows you to enjoy that fresh summer air, without leaving yourself to the mercy of the bugs.

Flies carry disease and contamination, even here in the UK. They can make you sick – and the adult female fly can lay up to 900 eggs in her life. The best thing to do is keep them OUT!

Having your window or conservatory door open for just a few hours in summer means that they end up all over the house. And the last place you want them is on your food, or buzzing around your head whilst you sleep.

There’s several things you can do to avoid insects, but none have proven as successful and safe as an insect screen. It’s an investment you can count on.

Bug free benefits

  • Keep your window open and enjoy an uninterrupted view of nature
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Let the breeze in and keep the flies out!
  • Fits in with the surrounding interior décor
  • Leave the chemicals alone and keep the flies out naturally
  • Humane and eco-friendly
  • Well-made and discreet

Protect yourself with a screen

Keep yourself protected from those annoying flying creatures and purchase a custom-made screen from Insect Screens by Thomas Sanderson. It’s a healthy alternative to harmful fly repellent formulas - those things have some serious chemicals in!

For doors and windows, the best protection from all manner of flying creepy crawlies is an insect screen. They are easy, safe for kids, and humane – plus they don’t leave dead flies scattered all over your home!

When you buy from us, you only get the best. These Insect Screens benefit from Thomas Sanderson’s top class manufacturing, they are guaranteed to look good and stand the test of time.

The screens are fully retractable so they blend in with your surrounding décor, and a professional installation ensures they are the perfect fit for your window or door. 

You can live the dream, and leave your window or door open for a nice breeze, without being inundated with bugs!

Why Thomas Sanderson Insect Screens? 

Insect screens are more commonly seen in warmer countries, but they are now making an appearance in homes across the UK.

They allow windows to be open for a breeze, which is a great benefit in a country that doesn’t have much air conditioning! Insect screens mean you can have a constant airflow through the house, without attracting wasps, bluebottles and similar bugs.

When you choose us, you’ll receive the best looking insect screen for your home. We can match the outside to your home’s décor, and keep it in line with the rest of your interior design.

So don’t take the cheap option, purchase an insect screen that looks good and will last for years. Always choose Insect Screens by Thomas Sanderson.

For a limited time we’re currently offering 20% off, so get yours now! 

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