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As we move forward into the new season, get set for April showers with a few belated March winds. All this wind and rain brings dirt and pollutants with it, which are quickly deposited on your conservatory windows. When the sun comes out after the showers, it does a brilliant job of showing up all the grime!

At Thomas Sanderson, we know how frustrating this can be. It can really start to feel like a vicious circle; you don’t like to look at your dirty windows but why bother cleaning them if they’ll get dirty again straight away?

Now Thomas Sanderson has solved the problem with our comprehensive deep-clean Conservatory Valet service followed by our exclusive Valet Guard™ treatment.This unique non-stick glass surface treatment renovates and protects your conservatory for longer. It works in the same way as a non-stick frying pan.

After the standard deep-clean valet has been carried out, our team of highly trained valet experts will carefully apply the Valet Guard™ by hand. Amazingly, dirt, rainwater and contaminants will no longer be able to embed in your glass; see for yourself when the next April shower comes along!

Valet Guard™ will even make your conservatory easier to clean in future by renovating and protecting the glass. To keep your conservatory looking as good as new, you should aim to book a valet every one to two years.

This year, prepare for April showers by booking a Conservatory Care Valet and ask for the Valet Guard™ treatment. Right now, if you buy an exterior valet, you’ll get an interior valet absolutely free*! Call today to get your conservatory sparkling clean for spring.

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