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If you have a conservatory or sunroom with a very high roof, you may find it extremely difficult to open and close the roof blinds. There’s no need to struggle any longer because Thomas Sanderson’s ingenious motorised blinds put you in complete control from the comfort of your armchair.

With our exclusive Platinum™ Power System, you can control your motorised blinds quickly and easily with the simple touch of a button. Through the use of advanced infra-red and radio frequency technology, the blinds can be adjusted by touching the remote or control panel wherever you are at home.

The system is perfect for hard to reach blinds and panels on conservatory roofs because there’s no need for a pole or wand, but the benefits don’t stop there. It can be used for any motorised blind in your home, not just the conservatory.

Best if all, it’s fully programmable so you can create ‘zones’ that allow you to open and close all or part of your blinds at certain times of the day with the remote control. There’s even a holiday function mode to make it look as though you’re still at home when you’re actually away.

With the Platinum™ Power System for motorised blinds, you are always in complete control of the light, heat, shade and privacy of your conservatory. Don’t miss out on Thomas Sanderson’s fantastic summer offer of 3 for 2 on conservatory blinds plus £100 off* - you need never struggle to open or close your blinds again!

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