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We all take pride in our homes and love to show off to our neighbours when we have something new. Remember how good it felt when you first had your conservatory and how lovely it was to have a sparkling new room?

If your conservatory has seen better days and lost its magic sparkle, it’s easy to get it back and make the neighbours jealous at the same time! Simply book a Thomas Sanderson Conservatory Care Valet and let us restore the room to its former glory.

Our Conservatory Care Valet service isn’t just a basic clean; it’s a full-scale professional valet which will clean all those hard to reach surfaces that you haven’t been able to attend to - including the roof. All the interior and exterior surfaces of your conservatory will be deep-cleaned with specially formulated eco-friendly products. With great attention to detail, our Conservatory Care Valet team will eradicate potentially harmful dirt, algae and pollutants. This will significantly reduce the risk of discolouration to UPVC sections, corrosion to metalwork and leaking seals.

Using specialist equipment, the team will safely access the roof and other surfaces so that every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned. A number of important extras are included as part of the service including clearing the guttering and fitting a leaf guard; treating the lead flashing with patination oil to protect it from oxidisation; and applying a specially developed cleaning solution to the glass to effectively repel dirt. Thomas Sanderson’s Conservatory Care Valet will also protect your conservatory from all the British weather can throw at it in the year ahead.

Make your conservatory stand out from the crowd this autumn with our Conservatory Care Valet service. In our extra special end of season sale, if you book an exterior clean you’ll get an interior clean absolutely free.* This offer is only available for a limited time so hurry while stocks last! Call and book your Conservatory Care Valet today.

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