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Your conservatory should be one of your favourite parts of your home – a sanctuary of peace and quiet for some, a little corner of style and elegance for others. But whatever your conservatory means to you, at Thomas Sanderson we understand that you want it to look its best and last a lifetime.

That’s why our LifeTime Conservatory Shutters combine style and practicality to offer you the latest innovation in shutter design with hardwearing materials to keep them looking their best for as long as possible.

Thomas Sanderson has been manufacturing high quality blinds and shutters for customers in Britain and Europe for over twenty years and LifeTime Conservatory Shutters are yet another set of Thomas Sanderson blinds that live up to the company’s high standards of style and manufacturing.

Made from a hard-wearing, lightweight PVCu, LifeTime conservatory shutters are designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions that conservatories are often exposed to – be that extreme cold in winter or hot temperatures in summer. When you purchase LifeTime Shutters you give the peace of mind that whatever conditions your shutters are exposed to, their quality will not waver.

And when you buy LifeTime Conservatory Shutters from Thomas Sanderson, you know that quality does not mean compromising on style. These elegant shutters offer your conservatory a sleek, contemporary finish – just the right finishing touch that turns a house into a home.

Ideal for any conservatory that is used as a place to relax, play, watch TV or repurposed as a home office, these sleek shutters will also protect you from the extreme temperatures often experienced in conservatories. In the heat of summer you will be protected from excessive heat and glare, while in winter you will be offered the greatest insulation from the elements.

And to give you total peace of mind that your blinds will last a lifetime, Thomas Sanderson offers a 25 year guarantee on all Life Time Conservatory Shutters, so that if anything does happen, you can rest assured that we’ll put it right.

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