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It’s time for change when the clocks go forward by an hour at 1am this Sunday 29 March. Although we lose an hour’s sleep, we welcome in the official start of British Summer Time and can look forward to lighter evenings ahead. 

While that’s a cause for celebration, don’t let the clock change affect your sleep. To avoid being woken by early morning sunshine, you’ll need proper black-out blinds, not just dim-out ones that only partially block the sun.

Thomas Sanderson has the answer: shut out the light with our Options Shutter Blinds until you’re ready to let it in. This unique multi-function window styling offers 99% black-out properties, making it ideal for bedrooms and nurseries. 

The architrave of the shutter cleverly encases the remote controlled blind, effectively eliminating gaps where light could get through. It also makes a highly efficient sound barrier, useful if you live on a busy street.

With over 1000 colour combinations available, our Options Shutter Blinds add colour and style to any room. Like all Thomas Sanderson window coverings, the Options Shutter Blinds are made to measure and professionally installed so you can always be sure of a perfect fit.

It’s time for change so choose Options Shutter Blinds this spring. Best of all, if you buy now, you can take advantage of our fantastic 3 for 2* offer on window blinds. Call today for a free, no obligation appointment with a Thomas Sanderson designer – don’t miss out!

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