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Pleated blinds are one of the smartest options that you can choose for your house. If you want a set of blinds that are almost entirely indistinguishable when they are open, then pleated blinds are the best choice for you.

Once fully opened, the pleated blind will tuck up into the top of your windowsill, allowing for a smooth and chic finish. Their honeycomb design has an array of benefits and means that they are suitable for any room in the house.

Everything from noise reduction to insulation can be helped with this option, and they come in an array of colours. When you choose Thomas Sanderson, you can rest assured that you are only buying top of the range materials and blinds that were 100% made in the UK.

Different types of pleated blinds 

  • Classic – the classic option is our standard offering of blinds, top quality and perfect for all rooms in the house. The classic blinds are suitable for use throughout your home, and come complete with Tecneat®, creating a neat and tidy finish.
  • Duette– the double layered pleats allow for temperature regulation as they are hexagonally structured. This helps maintain the optimal temperature within the room, a great option for bathrooms.
  • Twin shade– the twin shade look particularly nice in kitchens or in rooms that you want a good amount of privacy, the twin shade option have a unique dual-layer blind. This also means that you can have different colours, allowing for a chic and trendy look.
  • Café– opening from the bottom rather than the top, these blinds have a unique tension mounted operating system. No strings, cords or pulleys hang down, which makes them a safe option for the kid’s bedroom.

In addition to the various styles on offer, one of the most popular is Platinum Power, which is your cordless remote control blind option.

If temperature control is something you are interested in adjusting, choose the Solartex® material for your pleated blinds. Particularly effective in conservatories and loft rooms, the Solartex® option allows for the regulation of cool and hot air, depending on the season.

Pay for quality

When choosing your pleated blinds it is important to concentrate on quality rather than just going for the cheapest option.

Blinds that are made from sub-par materials will have problems right from the start. They may not be UV protective, meaning that your furniture could end up sun stripped in summer.

Another problem that cheap blind have is that there are often a lot of cords and wires, meaning that they are not safe for children or pets.

With Thomas Sanderson, all of our blinds are guaranteed for at least five years. So you know that we have faith in our craftsmanship and we should – every single blind we sell has been handmade by us and is completely customised to fit your window.

Our work speaks for itself. 

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