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If you’re looking for inspiration for your kitchen, then look no further than the exclusive partnership between Thomas Sanderson and Fired Earth – offering customers a refreshing and innovative new look to traditional shutters.

Home is where the…shutters are

The essence of homely tradition, the kitchen brings people together no matter what time of day – from enjoying a family breakfast to a relaxing break of late afternoon tea and biscuits between friends. But just as different times of day provide different types of atmosphere, shutters provide an instant resolution – allowing you to either shroud morning sunshine in every nook of your kitchen, or to let an ample amount of evening sunlight cast a warm glow over your dining area.

Find out what’s cooking!

Taking into account the frequent use of one of the most important rooms in the house, Fired Earth and Thomas Sanderson have brought together the best of both worlds – using natural light to offer a completely new aesthetic to kitchens. With shutters proving a desirable option across many households for its versatility and chic design, this exciting partnership has conjured up the latest in style – with Fired Earth window shutters.

What types of shutters makes a home?

The Fired Earth collection comprises personality and sophistication to deliver natural beauty throughout the home – including the following shades:

  • Malm and Ecru for an earthy feel
  • Light Umber and Orchid Leaf for a truly pleasant tone
  • Oxford Ochre and Pearl Ashes for an effortless finish

Practical yet stunning, by blending functionality and appearance window shutters become a focal point in the home. Instantly transforming the room by either shading users from the sun’s harsh glare or through highlighting each and every detail of the kitchen, windows shutters are a worthwhile investment – suitable for any room as well as any home.

Shutters with a difference

Unlike most manufactured shutters, ours are beautifully handcrafted for a bespoke touch – and with this being a unique partnership with one of the world’s leading brands, this collection is unavailable anywhere in the UK. To learn more about the benefits of Fired Earth window shutters, request a free brochure or book a free design consultation on 0800 056 2929 today. 

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