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Spring may be on the way, but outside the weather is still looking and feeling very much like winter. 

During this time of the year, many people struggle to keep the temperature warm in their homes. And with rising energy prices, consumers are looking for alternative ways to keep their bills low and their homes cosy.

The ideal solution for many of these people is to invest in some Duette® EnergySmart blinds, which can save you money on your energy bill and will keep your home warmer for longer.


What makes them unique?

Keeping your home warm and your bills low all sounds great, I think you’ll agree. But how do the blinds actually work?

The Duette® EnergySmart system has an innovative and unique design – they are structured in a hexagon, just like honeycomb, to let your blinds to trap air passing through their structure.

This air cushions the space between the blinds and the window, which allows the room to maintain a more comfortable, regulated temperature.

So the room doesn’t get too hot or too cold, as long as your Duette® EnergySmart blinds are drawn.



Duette® blinds are suitable for anywhere in the house, but are a very popular choice for inside the conservatory.

Their unique shape makes these shades highly energy efficient, and their insulating characteristics don’t just keep the room warm in the winter, they will also keep the heat out of the summer months.

These shades are soft yet durable, and won’t get sun-stripped like the cheaper options. The blinds are available in many beautiful fabrics, colours and styles, which will add characteristic style to any room – as well as making sure that the temperature stays regulated.

In addition, the style of these blinds gives a beautiful pleat pattern to windows of all shapes and sizes.


Save money

This investment can help you reduce up to 25 % on your energy bills, which is a welcome saving at the end of the month. So why not turn your radiator or heater down, pull the shades and sit back and enjoy the warmth of your home with some new Duette® blinds?

And with flexible payment plans and a free design appointment where you can hand pick from up to twenty colours and unique style, Thomas Sanderson will hand make your blinds to the specification of your desires.


Why Thomas Sanderson?

Thomas Sanderson is a home grown, family business that use only the best materials in our hand-crafted blinds.

We also offer our customers a 5 year guarantee, because we are so sure that our product will look great and keep your house warm for many years to come!

And you can rest easy knowing that your blinds look beautiful and they are also keeping your energy bills low. Who could ask for more?

There’s never been a better time to buy Thomas Sanderson’s EnergySmart blind Duette® as they are now on offer – 3 for 2 on all window blinds and up to 50% off on conservatory blinds.

Get in touch now and start saving on your energy bill. 

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