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Having your very own valet is a great choice to make for your conservatory. Apart from the superficial value of having a lovely clean conservatory, the other benefits cannot be ignored. 

A clean conservatory is good for the mind and for the body. So if your conservatory is looking a little worse-for-wear and not at its best, contact Thomas Sanderson’s Conservatory Care Valet team.

Remove mould

No one likes to sit in a mouldy room, but unfortunately this is one of the most common problems that we encounter with conservatories across the UK.

Especially in the wet British weather, the conservatory is very susceptible to problems like algae and mildew. And it’s not particularly healthy to have indoors, especially if you live with young children or older people.

Keep an eye on your guttering, because if it gets full of dead leaves then there is a chance that it is blocked and this can cause long term problems until it is fixed.

Dry out damp

The conservatory is the link between your garden and your home – but unfortunately it is one of the most temperamental rooms that also needs a lot of maintenance.

When your roof is green and dull, it’s a sure sign that there is a problem with damp. There could be leaks, water damage, mould or a whole host of problems with the room.

If left untreated for too long, damp can spread to other places and in the end will cause structural damage, especially if your conservatory is a bit older or is made of wood.

Get rid of dust

The improvement of air quality in your conservatory is really obvious after a valet. There will be no dust, which means a reduction of allergens in the air, and the whole interior will be sparkling clean.

And the benefit of having the Thomas Sanderson Conservatory Care team take care of your valet for you means that you will not have to come into contact with any chemicals. Our team will do all that for you!

We only use the best patented cleaning solutions, and you can’t buy these in the shops.

The difference a valet makes…

Looking after your conservatory you can avoid costly long term damage in the future – to both your conservatory and your own health.

But if you really want to cleanest conservatory around, it is vital to get a professional on the job. They’ll be able to work out if the room really is the best that it can be. And it will last longer than if you sorted it out yourself.

Over time, the bad winter weather can really affect the longevity of your conservatory. A build-up of dirt, algae and pollution will start to damage your room long term, leading to corrosion, leaking seals and mould.

As well as keeping your conservatory clean, the valet will also potentially improve your health. And you can’t ask for much fairer than that.

The Thomas Sanderson Conservatory Care Valet is the best choice for conservatory owners who want to keep their room in the best shape.

At the moment we are even offering a FREE interior valet with every exterior valet* that is purchased for all customers who want their conservatory nice and clean in time for summer.

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