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We love the autumn here at Thomas Sanderson. Crisp evenings and golden leaves, this season is full of inspiration. And it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a new set of blinds or shutters.

Autumn can be the perfect time to sit and enjoy nature in your very own conservatory.  Take a moment to just sit and enjoy the wildlife around you, the birds collecting twigs for a nest or the squirrels foraging for nuts.

One of the many benefits of a conservatory is that it allows you to see the wonders of the natural world, from the comfort and warmth of your home.

Conservatories are a highly desired addition to any house – the glass room is a perfect place to entertain, relax or work in. However there are some issues to consider when the winter comes.

Our blinds and shutters are the perfect tool to create balance in your home, whether it’s regulating the temperature in your rooms or improving the décor.

Conservatory roof blinds

In the winter time, your conservatory can be ice cold and feel very uncomfortable. It’s a common problem that we see time and time again – no one wants to sit in there, and the room goes unused for many months.

A good choice for controlling the harsher winter temperatures is roof blinds for your conservatory. Our Duette© EnergySmart blinds are designed to trap any dissipating air, keeping the heat in a room.  Perfect for regulating temperature and reducing your energy bills.

Correctly fitted and bespoke Duette© EnergySmart blinds can make a considerable difference to your home’s temperature, in both the winter and summer months.

They won’t only look stunning in your décor, but these roof blinds can make your room seem more inviting and have very practical uses too.  

The specialist cellular fabric technology in our Duette® conservatory blinds reduces both heat and glare, as well as absorbing sound. This will create the perfect atmosphere for you to relax.

The vast majority of the heat is lost from dissipating through the roof, and with the addition of made to measure blinds, you can cut down on your heating bills and still enjoy your conservatory all year round.

Create the perfect balance in your conservatory

It’s worthwhile making the most out of your conservatory, and the best way to do that is to create a room that you can use whenever you want. This means that before you start planning your Christmas party, sorting out those common problems before winter will be beneficial. 

The winter brings ice and wind, which can be damaging to your conservatory roof, and the freezing temperature can be almost unbearable.

The addition of made-to-measure conservatory blinds can help you create a room that is prepared for even the coldest winters. And it will even save you money on your energy bills!

You no longer have to suffer the extreme temperatures of your conservatory, the Duette® EnergySmart range is here to help. Order now to get your new blinds just in time for Christmas.

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