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An inspirational style journey

Inspiration for the home is often taken from our experiences – either from inspiration from another homes décor, or from our travels; taking in different cultures and colour palettes. Whichever excites us can inspire a breath of fresh air into our home.

Fired Earth have done exactly that with the Thomas Sanderson collection, inspiring a range of window shutters which reflect their journeys throughout Europe and the Far East, to produce beautifully crafted products with Moroccan influences, for example.

The Fired Earth shutter collection is inspired by the interior product specialists’ most popular colours from their paint range. They are finished off with a metallic finish to create a pretty glittering effect when they are captured in the light, providing a touch of elegance as a focal point in your living room or conservatory, or a stylish solution for privacy.

Thomas Sanderson are always looking for inspiration to create exciting new ranges that will create a new ambience in our customers’ homes. They are all created in our most popular shutter designs, which are constantly praised by home owners for looking neat and providing a practical solution in their homes; namely Classic, Tier-on-Tier, Café, Guide & Glide, and Bay Window applications.

Moreover, each shutter has its own personality, evoking a different feel in the home, from the earthy tones of Malm and Ecru; to the refreshing Orchid Leaf and Light Umber, or even the classical shades of Pearl Ashes or Oxford Ochre. The collection colour matches 10 of Fired Earth’s most popular paint tones, helping you to select that which best reflects your own unique style.

Fired Earth are renowned for their high quality products including tiles, paint, wallpaper, bathroom and kitchen furniture, hand-woven rugs and wood flooring. They source from all over the world from Italian marble to French cabinets, with travel proving a key factor for them in introducing a range of different tastes and styles to customers; therefore injecting a sense of refreshment into peoples’ homes, while at the same time also providing long-lasting quality and classic style that they can enjoy for years to come.

As well as the design aspect to the Thomas Sanderson Fired Earth collection, however, there are also the many practical benefits. Shutters feature a special coating which reflects heat and glare during the summer and also retains heat in the winter, so they are also cost-effective heating and cooling solutions too, saving you money on heating your home.

The revolutionary Platinum Power System also means you can control them at the touch of a button, for added convenience, meaning that you can sit back, relax and imagine you are in a distant, faraway place while your relax in your living room or conservatory.

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