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As the cold weather is approaching, it’s important to give your conservatory some TLC to get it through the winter. 

Neglecting conservatory care in the freezing weather can be really damaging. Ice, hail, rain and wind can all have a decaying effect, causing dangerous mildew and mould to grow on the building’s surface. This can potentially damage the structural integrity of the conservatory itself.

Leave it untreated, and this could cause expensive problems for the following year.

Conservatory roof cleaning

One of the most important jobs to undertake is preparing your conservatory for the winter months. This should be done in early autumn, before the cold weather really takes hold.

Experts recommend that to keep the exterior of your conservatory roof in tip top shape, it is important to spend some time cleaning any fungus and removing algae. Otherwise you may find that you end up with a few problems on your roof.

Gutters clogged with collected debris such as leaves and twigs, can have serious problems if they are left unchecked for a long period of time.

The roof of your conservatory often takes the brunt of all of the bad weather - it is also one of the more time consuming to clean and expensive to fix.

What starts as just a little algae can develop into mould and mildew in no time at all, and these problems in turn can cause long term damage to the roof’s structure.

But don’t fear, Thomas Sanderson’s exclusive valet service is on hand to ensure that your conservatory stays in top condition

A professional job

A conservatory is a stunning addition to your home, and are a favourite room of many. And it’s important to look after them, because they can add significant value to your home.

However, they do tend to bear the brunt of the weather. It’s well worth employing a professional in the valet industry, to protect the beauty of your room and make you the envy of your neighbours!

Hiring specialised workers will ensure that the job is done correctly, safely and without any damage – that’s really valuable to a lot of our customers.

Our valet includes everything you need to protect your conservatory from long term mould issues, and will often last for months. The cleaning effect of our exclusive products is buildable, so everything you purchase a valet, your conservatory stays clean for longer.

Our expert and professional conservatory valeters use patented and unique cleaning solutions, to ensure that the chemicals they apply are the perfect ones for the job.

You can’t buy them in the shops – and that means that our customers get a perfect clean, every time.

So don’t risk damage to your home, contact us today to get an estimate on how much it would be for your conservatory valet.

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