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Bay windows are a wonderful feature to have in any home, bringing in more light and adding stunning architectural detail. But it can sometimes be difficult to know how best to dress them. While you can use curtains, they will tend to obscure the shape of the window and the detail will be lost.

If you’re lucky enough to have bay windows, celebrate their curves and angles – don’t hide them! It’s better to choose a simple window dressing that will follow the shape of the window. Thomas Sanderson’s range of bespoke, handcrafted blinds and shutters do this exactly and will enhance the beauty of your bay windows.

Our revolutionary BayLine fitting system for blinds has been especially designed to allow for a superior fit within its neat framework. It blends effortlessly with your bay window, perfectly encasing your blind. This gives you fewer light gaps and more privacy. The BayLine system can even be used with powered blinds, so you can open and close the blinds instantly.

If you prefer shutters to blinds, Thomas Sanderson’s unique BayPole shutter system is specifically designed to mirror the intricacies of your bay windows. It allows the shutters to unite and meet evenly at the angles of the aperture to give a truly seamless finish. No matter how wonky the window and walls are, you will always get a perfect fit.

With Thomas Sanderson’s window blinds and shutters, whatever the shape or size of your bay window, you’re guaranteed a beautiful window dressing to show off the architectural detailing. There’s currently an amazing 3 for 2* on window blinds and window shutters but these offers can’t last forever. Call today to book your free, no obligation consultation with a locally based Thomas Sanderson designer.

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