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These days we are all becoming more conscious of our carbon footprint and our overall energy efficiency. Many of us aim to be more environmentally friendly and with fuel costs constantly on the rise, being energy efficient can be very beneficial for our pockets too – saving you pounds off your gas and electricity bills.

Energy-saving options for your conservatory

Getting the right balance of heating in your conservatory can be difficult – conservatories can overheat in summer, yet in winter they can become freezing cold. Temperature control blinds can help to get it just right so that you can be as comfortable as possible in your conservatory.

The Duette EnergySmart collection, for example, is made using smart fabric technology with a double layered cellular design, helping to regulate the temperature in your conservatory.

Energy efficient window shutters can also be a good option for reducing heat gain. The slats provide flexibility and control over how much light and ventilation you are letting through, allowing you to be in charge of the heat getting in. They also effectively block out the sun too – perfect for days when you need some shade in your conservatory to prevent it from retaining heat and being uncomfortable to sit in.

The money-saving benefits of energy efficiency

By controlling the heat with blinds and shutters, there will be no need to spend money installing air conditioning to cool down your home. You’ll be able to enjoy your conservatory whenever you want with no need to wait until it has returned to a more comfortable temperature.

Window blinds which reflect the glare from the sun can help reduce heat gain by around 78% and will even reflect light away from you and your furniture – helping to protect them from sun damage by reflecting the light onto the ceiling.

And what about in winter? Blinds that use clever fabric technology can help insulate your conservatory, allowing you to continue using it throughout the winter months. And when your blinds help retain heat, you’ll save money by putting the heating on less. In fact, you can save around 12% on your heating bill when you make your home more energy efficient.

So energy efficiency is not only a sure-fire way to save you money – it’s also the best way to get the most out of your conservatory all year round.

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