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Every day that passes at this time of year makes me look out in greater wonder. The clarity of the spring air, the blueness of the sky, the greenness of the emerging leaves on the trees, and the darkness and gloom of the winter visibly coming to a close. The stretch in the day lifts my mood and incites me to action.

This morning the early dew is tinged with frost, but it does not dampen the new spirit. I sit in my conservatory, steaming hot cup of tea in hand, and peer at the dusty shadows of this wonderful garden room, terracotta pots covered with a thin layer of spidery webs. My mental list of things to do begins to take shape: feather duster, cleaning agents, mop, and a couple of plants to replenish and add colour to those that have not survived the colder months. I must draw the window blinds to get at the windows and polish them back to their former glory.

Too cold still to venture outside I am happy to start here, in the comfort and warmth of the conservatory. Memories of summer gatherings flood the mind. Children laughing, smoke billowing from the barbecue, and music rocking its friendly beat while groups of friends chatter loudly, lots of smiling, lots of merriment. This year we will have several informal parties. Nothing beats a good party, especially the impromptu afternoon gatherings, where people descend without warning, bottle in one hand, edible offerings in the other.

The garden is bursting with new life. Plants that appear dead can fool you, as you peer at the base and discover new growth, secretly materialising, oblivious to the cold or the frost, and protected by the dead branches of the mother plant. Colour is evident everywhere, pinks, yellows, blues, like a painting revealing itself bit by bit as the artist applies new strokes. Looking through my window blinds I can see the once blank canvas coming into being, unfolding before my very eyes.

Not that long ago, before we had our conservatory built, I did not appreciate this glorious annual spring reawakening. Our house consisted of a dead end kitchen that did nothing for the imagination, with small windows overlooking a dirty green, heavy duty, plastic oil tank. The best decision we ever made was to reshuffle our garden and add this extra room. The extra feeling of light and space that was created changed everything. I chose some beautiful conservatory blinds that captured the beauty of the garden just outside. My online search brought me to a website specialising in conservatory blinds in a huge range of colours, styles and fabrics, and with a free design service that ensured I could not make any mistakes in taking the measurements. It was lovely to discuss the project and blinds with a like-minded person.

To say that this modest little sun-room has changed my life is an understatement. It has breathed new life into the house, and has given me a quiet corner where I can sit, reflect and think about the things that matter to me. And when I get bored, my friends are simply a phone call away, only too eager to get themselves over for that party!

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