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A conservatory is often the favourite room in the house, due to its bright, sunny nature. But you do need a way to control the intensity of sunlight streaming in.

Conservatory blinds are specifically designed for the harsh environment of this sunny space and are the answer to making this the best room in your home.

What to consider when choosing conservatory blinds.

When ordering conservatory blinds, it's important to measure the length of the windows as the blinds must be made long enough to cover the entire pane.

Next, measure the width of each window. The blinds should fit tightly next to each other when they're hanging, in order to eliminate any spaces where sunlight can peek through when you're trying to keep it out.

The thickness of the blinds’ material is important too. Your blinds will be long and may be wide, so conservatory blinds made from thick materials tend to be heavy. Make sure your blind manufacturer takes this weight into consideration when mounting your chosen window treatments.

Custom-made conservatory blinds are the best choice for optimum coverage and precise installation. You can choose from many different colour and fabric options, so each design is unique.

When choosing blind materials, it's always a good idea to get a sample of the material and hang it in your conservatory for a little while. See how it looks during the brightest part of the day and also in the evening with only the interior lights on.

Do you like how the colours look with the sun shining through them? Do the colours complement your decorating scheme and provide the overall appearance you're going for?

Conservatories can be used for everything from a dining room to a family room or even a home office. Make sure your choice of conservatory blinds fits well with your intended use for the room. Choose well and get the most out of your conservatory.

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