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If you have infants or young children, this year’s Child Safety Week (6 - 12 June) is the perfect time to take stock of the furnishings in your home. 

At Thomas Sanderson, we’ve done the thinking for you because our products are child safe by design. For 25 years, we’ve been handcrafting window coverings which are 100% safe for children and pets.  

If you’d like to replace your old looped blinds with child safe ones, look no further than Thomas Sanderson’s range of innovative systems which replace cords or pulleys.

These include UltraGlide® which has a single retractable cord with no loops that returns to its starting position after use. Then there’s the beautifully streamlined LiteRise® cordless operating system which is simply pushed up to raise it and pulled down to lower it. There’s also the SmartCord® operating system for our Duette® energy-saving range, which works in a similar way to UltraGlide®.

If you prefer blinds with no cords or wires at all, consider our fully automated system PowerView, and operate your blinds quickly and easily at the touch of a button or via your phone or tablet. There’s also a stunning range of shutters as an alternative, and our unique Options Shutter Blinds which are cordless and 100% child safe.

With Thomas Sanderson’s child safe by design products, you’ll have peace of mind that your children will be safe around the blinds, no matter how inquisitive they are. Call today to book a free, no obligation consultation with a Thomas Sanderson designer and see our outstanding child safe by design window coverings for yourself.

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