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June is traditionally the start of the festival season with Glastonbury, the Isle of Wight and Download festivals all taking place this month. If you like the idea of going to a music festival but can’t face camping, crowds or muddy fields, why not have a mini festival at home instead?

Invite your friends and family over, have a barbeque in the garden and play your favourite music. You can even simulate camping by sleeping under the stars in your conservatory! If the very thought of using your conservatory in this way fills you with dread because it’s cold and uninviting, don’t worry. Thomas Sanderson can make a difference to transform it into a versatile living space all year round.

That’s because our clever Duette® EnergySmart blinds help to conserve heat, which is especially useful in conservatories which traditionally lose large amounts of heat through the glass.

These innovative pleated blinds have a double layer of honeycomb fabric and this hexagonal structure traps air passing through it. This means your conservatory will be kept cool in the summer and maintain a comfortable temperature during the winter. In addition, our blinds’ excellent shading properties help to prevent fabrics from fading in strong sunlight. All our blinds are made-to-measure so you can always be sure of a perfect fit.

Make a difference to your conservatory with Thomas Sanderson and you can look forward to a wonderful summer of festivals, barbecues and family get-togethers. Right now, you can take advantage of our amazing offer of 3 for 2* on all conservatory blinds or a free Lasting Care maintenance package* worth £700. Don’t miss out – call today to book your free, no obligation design consultation with a locally based Thomas Sanderson designer.

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