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Discover the different Options for your French Doors

A graceful feature in any home, French doors add a certain sophistication no matter what room they’re placed in. Whether your French doors open out onto a beautiful balcony view or a lovely garden landscape, it’s a matter of practicality and style to control incoming light. Our French door blinds allow you to maintain privacy, block glare and increase your feelings of security in your home – but what type of blind is best?

French doors in the bedroom

French Doors In Bedroom

Bedrooms should create a sense of comfort and calm; however, you need something that will effectively block morning light so you can rest. Opt for fabrics, ideally a blind with sheer layers to create a soft lighting effect. The two layers of our Silhouette® blind are joined by a lightweight fabric lourve, giving the blackout coverage of a venetian blind but with a more romantic look and feel. This gives you more precise control, which is useful at reducing glare at different angles as the sun moves across the sky.

French doors in the kitchen

French Doors In Kitchen

French door blinds in the kitchen need to be a bit sturdier and more stain-resistant than blinds in other areas of the home. Make sure your kitchen blinds are easy to clean, since there are bound to be errant splatters of mud or food (or both, depending on where your French doors are placed). Avoid wood (as high moisture areas mean these are more prone to mould), so a durable material like PVC or metal are a good option. Our Venetian blinds are a smart choice, and they’re tension fit so you won’t have to drill into your doors to fit them.

French doors in the dining/living room

French Doors In Living Room

If your living or dining area sees a lot of direct sunlight, having open French doors means the possibility of UV damage or fading. You also want something that will reduce glare on your TV, if the room’s positioning makes it difficult to see the screen in daylight. Similar to the bedroom, fabric blinds for these rooms are an ideal option, as they have a homier feel and create a cosier atmosphere than a standard metal venetian. Our Pirouette® blinds spread the light evenly around the room, and offers up to 99% blackout when closed – ideal for movie night!

If you are after a blind to improve the energy efficiency of your home…

Energy Efficient Blinds For Patio Doors

Depending on the positioning of your French doors, your blinds could actually help improve the energy efficiency of your home. Blinds that help you retain the natural heat of the sun – or reflect that heat away – means less energy used overall. The hexagonal structure of our Duette® blind does just that by trapping passing air to help keep internal temperatures comfortable naturally.

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