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Are yours classically arched? Maybe yours showcases a modern angle? Or what about the traditional rounded style? Whatever the shape of your windows, Thomas Sanderson offers a wide selection of shutters designed to fit the needs of both your windows and your home.

Different shapes and sizes

The type of property you own is also a reflection of the owner; so it is important that you convey effortless design, character but ultimately, style. Whether you’re seeking conventional chic or a traditional taste, Thomas Sanderson endeavours to deliver a bespoke touch that matches your requirements as well as bring out the personality in both yourself and your property.

Architectural beauty – inside and out

It is essential that when incorporating a permanent fixture into your home that you practise a timeless design – as there’s nothing worse than constantly updating to the latest trends that quickly go out of fashion as well as leave you out of pocket.

Unique designs such as shaped window shutters can enhance both the aesthetics and the value of the home, but only if the design fits; which is why it is hugely important to enlist the advice of a design consultant to ensure the correct appearance and function of your desired window shutters.

Benefits of bespoke-shaped shutters

Not only are they pleasing to the eye, they’re also pleasing to the environment:

  • By closing shutters at dusk not only can you help insulate windows, you will also notice a sharp decrease in heating bills – making this the perfect environmentally-friendly product

A worthwhile investment that complements the home:

  • Shutters provide a contemporary feel to the home, offering a revamp that can instantly improve the appearance – and value. Not only does it hide unsightly uPVC windows from sight, it offers a completely refreshed vibe to your room

Another advantage to shutters includes improved cleanliness:

  • The maintenance of shutters is much easier than that of curtains and blinds. Due to dust not being able to penetrate shutters, cleaning is quicker and simpler - compared to heavy curtains and some blinds storing dust within their materials.

How can I learn more?

To discover an exceptional new approach to windows shutters, speak to a design expert at Thomas Sanderson free of charge on 0800 056 2929 or alternatively, request a free brochure

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