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Christmas is an exciting time, especially if you have young children. There’s so much going on: nativity plays to watch, trips to see Santa and friends and family to visit.

There’s a lot to think about too, particularly if you’re hosting Christmas at your house, and there’s less than four weeks to go until the big day! Choosing all the presents, getting a Christmas tree, decorating your home, writing cards, making sure the guest bedroom is ready, buying all the food you need… The list can seem endless!

Child safe window blinds

One thing you won’t need to get stressed over is your window coverings if you’ve chosen child safe blinds without visible loops or cords. They will be completely safe for your child’s nursery, bedroom and everywhere else in the house – which means no supervision is required. 

Since 2014, all types of window blinds are required by law to be ‘safe by design’ or to be installed with an appropriate child safety device. These devices either break under pressure, tension the cord or chain, or provide the means to store the cord out of the reach of children.

Child safe by design

If you have a young family, the best window blinds you can buy that will give complete peace of mind are those without any loops or cords. Look for wand operated Vertical and Venetian blinds; spring operated roller blinds; and tensioned pleated blinds which are pushed or pulled into position. Motorised blinds and window shutters are both excellent alternatives. 

All of Thomas Sanderson’s conservatory blinds, window shutters and window blinds are manufactured to be child safe by design. This means they are 100% safe for children, so you’ll have one less thing to stress over this Christmas.

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