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If you have a conservatory, roof blinds are essential to make the most of the room. Thomas Sanderson’s roof blinds are a class above the rest. Here’s why:

1. Superb levels of performance

With 25 years’ experience in handcrafting and fitting conservatory blinds, we are experts in roof blinds. The specialist roof system we install means that, once fitted, our blinds will never sag, drop or twist.

2. Fitted to perfection

Thomas Sanderson’s roof blinds are made to measure to the precise dimensions of your conservatory’s roof. They can be made to fit any shape and size of roof, so you can always be sure of a perfect fit.

3. Help to retain heat

In the colder months, heat loss from the glass roof of your conservatory can make the room chilly to use. Our roof blinds help to retain heat, maintaining a comfortable temperature all year round.

4. Protect fabrics and furnishings

During the summer, roof blinds will help to protect your fabrics and furnishings from fading in strong sunlight.  They will also keep the room cool and airy when it’s hot outside.

5. Easy to operate

If you choose our powered roof blinds, you can raise and lower them quickly and easily with the simple touch of a button, without the need for a cumbersome pole.

6. Create a stunning feature

The classic pleated design of our roof blinds means they will complement your existing décor, whether it’s traditional or contemporary. Their distinctive drape effect creates a stunning feature in any conservatory.

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