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Your bathroom is one of the most well used rooms in your home but it’s often the most neglected in terms of décor. Follow our tips for a much needed bathroom makeover.


1. Replace the taps

No matter how good you are at cleaning, your basin and bath taps will lose their shine over time; limescale and corrosion will see to that. Replacing the taps with smart designer ones is a simple way to give your bathroom a fab, new look. Choose traditional or contemporary taps to tie in with the overall style of the room.


2. Add some colour

Just like the other rooms in your house, a lick of paint can instantly breathe new life into a tired, old bathroom. Whatever colour you go for, make sure you spend a little bit extra and choose paint that’s designed specifically for bathrooms; this type of paint can cope with high levels of moisture and steam.


3. Change the tiles

Most of us have some areas of tiling in the bathroom but over the years, the grout can become discoloured by dirt and mould. You could change the tiles but if this sounds like too big a job, try painting over them with specialist tile paint. You could also just re-do the grout or alternatively, go for waterproof panels that can be fitted over the tiles.


4. Update the window dressing

A shoddy roller blind will really let down your new look bathroom. Instead, choose Thomas Sanderson’s stylish LifeTime vinyl shutters that are perfect for rooms with high moisture or humidity levels. Manufactured from hard-wearing, lightweight PVCu, these shutters are durable and long-lasting, and are guaranteed not to distort, crack, chip or fade – and they even come with a 25 year guarantee!


5. Accessorise

Finally, buy some gorgeous fluffy towels in bright colours to coordinate with your new look bathroom. Add a stylish mirror above the basin and a storage cupboard if you have space for one. Enjoy your beautiful new bathroom!

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