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A Garlic Festival may be the last place you expect to see the UK’s leading bespoke blind specialist, but Thomas Sanderson will be there – and we’re looking forward to a fun-filled weekend where we can show off our award winning blinds.

The Isle of Wight Garlic Festival is an important celebration of local culture and handmade crafts, and as the UK’s leading maker of bespoke blinds, Thomas Sanderson fit right in!

The Garlic Festival

Set in picturesque Isle of Wight with the stunning countryside as a backdrop, the Garlic Festival is always an extremely popular event.

The show is a fabulous example of local culture and entertainment at its very best. A huge amount of homemade, locally grown treats, cooking demonstrations from the best chefs in the industry, and lots of activities to keep the kids entertained for hours.

But you’d be mistaken if you thought garlic was all they have to offer! Whilst there will be garlic to eat, there is a huge marquee of other foods to try, and there will also be a beer tent on site.

For just £9.50 for an adult (£8.50 for concessions), and free parking over the weekend, this is an activity-packed day out for all of the family. Tickets are only available on the day – so if you are coming down, make sure to stop by at the Thomas Sanderson stall and see exactly what we have on offer.

For the adults

  • A huge marquee of food, including but not limited to, garlic!
  • An all new theatre kitchen to put some excitement into the kitchen
  • Hundreds of Arts and Crafts options, from locally made to bigger companies
  • Have a nice drink at the beer tent  
  • And best of all, Thomas Sanderson have a stall showing off our top of the range window blinds.

For the kids

We welcome kids of all ages to the Isle of Wight Garlic Festival, and have an array of activities to keep them busy so you can get down to the real shopping!

 Ages 5 – 15, it will cost £5.00 to get them into the event, and any children under 5 go for free.

And there’s so much for them to do!

  • Take the kids down to some of the tasting events and get them to try something new and exciting!
  • Children’s entertainers
  • Archery and other outdoor activities
  • A giant funfair with rides galore

Top Blinds Sales

Come down to the Garlic Festival and see us! From the 16th and 17th of August we be displaying our top of the range blinds to everyone that visits our stall.

We’ll have our child safe blinds on display, and you can talk to our expert sales staff who will be able to advise of any issues that you may be having in your home and how to perfectly solve them with a set of blinds.

The Isle of Wight Garlic Festival is the biggest summer show on the whole island, attracting huge groups of people from all over the country.

A fantastic day out for all of the family, and don’t forget to come and see us at the Thomas Sanderson stall! 

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