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As the largest provider of conservatory blinds in the UK, it seemed fitting for Thomas Sanderson to attend the largest flower show in the world – the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

Run by the Royal Horticultural Society, the show takes place at the world-renowned Hampton Court Palace from 9th to 14th July – and as the second major national date in the gardening diary following the esteemed Chelsea Flower Show, Thomas Sanderson has had a successful summer participating at both such widely-recognised events.

A spokeswoman for Thomas Sanderson said: “Despite being a longstanding visitor at Hampton Court, we’re still amazed by the sheer talent exhibited by the various floral marquees and displays. But it’s not only the aesthetics that makes it a hugely pleasant experience, it’s also its focus on environmental issues that benefits those attending. Just as we hope to educate visitors on the advantages of maintaining an efficiently lit conservatory, we look forward to learning about the different gardening topics covered during the event.”

With famous faces including Bill Oddie and Linda Barker in attendance, the high-profile event promises to be packed with entertainment – featuring live music, breath-taking flower arrangements, ‘grow-your-own’ hobbies as well as the exciting introduction of a set of ‘special zones’; each offering its own unique theme and setting.  

Established back in July 1990, the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show was set up to join two organisations – the Historic Royal Palaces and Network Southeast. With the idea originating from management consultant Adrian Boyd, it was he who suggested that Network Southeast sponsor a flower show at Hampton Court, and the rest, as they say, is history.

“Each visit has always resulted in fantastic feedback, and we hope that this year will repeat the same success,” added the spokeswoman. “Given the unpredictable weather we’ve been experiencing this summer, we hope our selection of blinds will help prepare people for whatever happens to be in store. Whether it’s updating your conservatory for a more fashionable feel or a solution that deals in energy efficiency, we’re confident our blinds will suit your home - whatever the weather.”

For handcrafted conservatory blinds along with an exclusive five year guarantee, let Thomas Sanderson reinvent your conservatory today.

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