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‘A day you will always remember’ is the tagline for this year’s New Forest & Hampshire County Show.

Thomas Sanderson will be there to exhibit our fantastic range of conservatory blinds, window shutters, blinds for around the home, and much more besides.

We’ll be exhibiting between 29th – 31st July and are one of 600 stands at the event, making the New Forest & Hampshire County Show one of the most exciting events in the south this year.

BBC South Today will also be there to cover the event and are also bringing a studio along with them, letting people record their own news and even present the weather!

There’s an enormous amount of variety for everyone to enjoy at the New Forest & Hampshire County Show with people able to make scarecrows, race ferrets, source some excellent local food, and much more besides.

The part we’re most looking forward to though is making friends and meeting interesting people around the area.

With a number of stands available for people interested in interior design, home improvements, arts and crafts and more, we’re looking forward to showing off our bespoke blinds and shutters to a brand new audience.

But ours aren’t just any ordinary blinds. We’re a British company with UK-based factories filled with professional craftsmen that love what they do. We’ve been supplying the UK with inspirational designs for over 20 years and have partnerships with Laura Ashley and Fired Earth.

Our expert designs and creations are all covered by our five-year guarantee, with our aftercare services available to always ensure we’re with you at all times whenever you need us.

We’re especially proud of our commitment to our customers. We’re more than happy to offer a free design service which includes planning and design. We will also survey your home to make sure that your new blinds and shutters fit perfectly first time.

We’re passionate about our roots and the people we service. Creative and original blinds and shutters can not only improve the interior of your home but also add value to your property.

Our creative planners are able to cater for any and every room in the house, from conservatories to kitchens and more with fantastic, bespoke ideas suited to your home.

We have more than 300 people in our UK-based business and a network of more than 160 designers. With thousands of colours and designs available we’re confident we’ll be more than able to provide you with something stylish and original.

The New Forest & Hampshire County Show has an enormous range of things for individuals and families to do, and we’re proud to be a part of it to inspire people with some brand new interior design ideas.

At Thomas Sanderson we pride ourselves on our heritage, skills, and first-class service. We’re looking forward to meeting you at the New Forest & Hampshire County Show – come and say hi and speak to our team to find out what we can do for you and your home.

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