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Barry and Freda Johnson were so impressed by Thomas Sanderson’s lifetime shutters and liners that they decided to invest in them for their new bungalow. They have more than one reason to remember the Thomas Sanderson experience, though. Geoff Rutland, their sales advisor, takes up the story:

“At the end of the appointment, Barry and Freda were kind enough to help me to the car with the various bags I had brought in to show them our different products. We took the first load down to the driveway but then an errant gust of wind shut the front door and to our dismay, we realised we were all locked out!”

“My laptop and a few bags were still inside and in any case, I couldn't leave Freda and Barry like that. So we all carefully circled the house checking each window to see if any of us could get in....but we couldn't!”

“Then Barry managed to prise open a small window into the kitchen leading onto the draining board, but there was certainly no chance of me getting through and he would have fared no better either. Nor was there a ladder handy to assist us.”

“Freda is a svelte lady so I asked her to compose herself and apologised before I swept her up in my arms and assisted her, feet first, through the small opening and across the draining board... She was in!”

“Barry and I waited by the back door to be let in, but then Freda appeared at the front. We dashed round before the wind could close the front door and the whole process would have to start again! We all laughed a lot and parted the best of friends. I look forward to seeing them again at their installation.”

Barry and Freda are very excited about their new lifetime shutters and liners, and will never forget their ‘Thomas Sanderson Experience’!

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