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An immediate transformation

With two young children Mrs Price’s conservatory had ended up being used as a very large toy box.  Practically, it was simply too hot to use in the summer and far too cold in the winter.

“Apart from to grab a few toys to bring into the lounge our conservatory was virtually unusable all year round, so we needed to do something about it”.

Having been recommended Thomas Sanderson by a friend, Mrs Price called us in to reclaim her conservatory, wanting to make it a useable space for all the family to enjoy.

When Thomas Sanderson’s Design Consultant visited Mrs Price on a chilly day in March it was immediately apparent that blinds would make a considerable difference. Having talked through all of the options, styles and colours available Mrs Price decided to purchase blinds from our Duette®EnergySmart Collection. These blinds gain maximum effect from the fabric’s temperature control properties in this high-tech range.

Conservatory blinds from the Duette®EnergySmart Collection are the very best insulating blinds available on the market. They have been proven to reduce heat intake by up to 78% and can save up to an impressive 12% on heating bills and were the perfect choice for a South-facing conservatory that needed heat control.

Installed with electric powered roof blinds for ease of use and manual window blinds for a perfect solution. The transformation of the conservatory, both aesthetically and practically were immediate.

“I seriously cannot believe the difference the blinds have made already, we are now using our conservatory as an additional functional room instead of a storage place and can comfortably have the doors open to the lounge whilst still keep a lovely ambient temperature throughout”.

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