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“Very good and useful product. Very good service – no problems at all. Delighted with my conservatory blinds”

At Thomas Sanderson we offer a fully inclusive design and planning service that’s completely free of charge so you can discuss all your ideas with an expert. Mrs Bellany had a free expert design appointment with one of our professional designers named Ingrid Parsons. 

After working through all the options and choices together with your designer, we will arrange for one of our surveyors to measure your windows. Once your windows have been through this process we will then arrange a time for one of our local installation technicians to install your blinds into your conservatory with minimum disruption and fuss. Mrs Bellany’s windows were surveyed and blinds were installed by installation technician Ray Leece.

Mrs Bellany opted for blinds from our Royal Jacquard range in a cool stone colour which turns the conservatory into a blissfully cool and gorgeous room.  Take a look below for information on this product…

Roof blinds

Experience and research has shown us that it is the roof of a conservatory where the majority of heat buildup and glare occurs, particularly in south facing conservatories – it’s also where most of the heat escapes during the winter months.

Conservatory roof blinds are perfect for combating this problem, however making and installing roof blinds in a conservatory is without question a specialism - and is one we have perfected.

The precision and attention to detail we give when crafting and installing blinds means that Thomas Sanderson conservatory roof blinds will not only look stunning, but the level of performance they provide cannot be matched.

Conservatory Blinds

Re-discover your conservatory

Transform your conservatory into a comfortable and stylish living space, using blinds to add colour, style and effective temperature control. Practical and stylish – they offer the perfect combination.

Often conservatories can be left underused due to the temperature extremes of the hot summer months and cold winter snaps - or simply the lack of privacy caused by the large expanse of glass.

Adding the right blinds make your conservatory feel like part of your home - and by simply injecting colour and style you can transform your conservatory into a comfortable living space you will enjoy all year round.

Recommended by all major UK conservatory installers as the preferred choice for conservatory blinds, we’ve led the way for over two decades, manufacturing and installing more specialist conservatory blinds than anyone else.

We’ve helped over 150,000 customers transform their conservatories and each of our blinds are handcrafted by highly skilled craftsmen in our UK factory.

Let Thomas Sanderson transform you conservatory today.

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